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Ticket packages & Features

Event Entry + Stay

For Single Person
7,500 INR 6,500
  • Access to event & activity area.
  • 1 Dome Tent
  • 1 Sleeping Bag + 1 Mat
  • 6 Meals
For Two People
INR 13,500 INR 11,500
  • Access to event & activity area.
  • 1 Two-men Dome Tent
  • 2 Sleeping Bags + 2 Mat
  • 6 Meals Per Pax
For Three People
INR 19,500 INR 17,000
  • Access to event & activity area.
  • 1 Three-men dome tent
  • 3 Sleeping Bags + 3 Mats
  • 6 Meals Per Pax
Bring Your Own Tents
INR 5,000 INR 4,500 Per Entry
  • Access to event & activity area.
  • Space to pitch tent & 6 meals.


Transport From Delhi
INR 2,500 Per Entry
  • Pickup from Delhi by bus on 29th Dec night.
  • Drop to Delhi by bus on 1st Jan night
Transport From Dehradun
INR 1,500 Per Entry
  • Pickup from Dehradun on 30th morning.
  • Drop to Dehradun on 1st Jan midday.
Beer Bucket
INR 600
  • 4 Cans of Beer 500 ML Budwiser or Similer

FAQ'sThe Underground FAQs

Questions you might have about the Underground Festival

Festival and Stay-Related queries:


Underground is a fun-filled & relaxing campsite for travelers, where different activities are available along with stay during the festival days.

2. What are the different stay options available at the festival?

The different stay options are as follows:
Regular 2-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 2)
Regular 3-Man Tent (Max Capacity - 3) call us for this .
BYOT - Bring Your Own Tent (Max Capacity - Limited)

3. Can I get my own camp/tents along?

Yes. There will be a section at The Underground - BYOT! Bring Your Own Tents, in which we will provide you a space for putting up your own tents.

4. What all is included in the Camping?

Camping price includes stay for the said number of nights in a tent, mats, sleeping bags & a hygiene kit.

5. We only want to camp for one night, is that possible?

No, camping stays are available to purchase for 2 nights.

Festival Ticket related queries:

6. What are the available ticketing options for us?

The different ticketing options for 2017 edition of Underground are as follows:
- A Single-Person ticket
- A Two-People ticket
- BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent) any tent of decent size can be used can be shared by any number of people but all of them have to buy BYOT tickets .

7. What does the single person festival ticket include?

One festival ticket includes:
• access to all events & activities for 2 days of the festival
• 1 Tent + 1 Sleeping Bag + 1 Mat + 1 hygienic kit

8. 8. Do you have any group discount or corporate discounts or packages?

You can email us your requirements at hello@rootsvida.com or travelwithroots@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you with all details. Minimum size should be plus 10 people .

9. What other documentation will I require at the time of entry at underground venue?

Ticket holders must carry a valid original photo ID proof, such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Passport when attending the festival.

10. In case I cancel my ticket, will I get a refund?

Tickets, once purchased, can be cancelled on a refundable basis only till 01stDec 2017. Since bookings and stay arrangements would be done by then, post 01st Dec 2017, we would not be in a position for a refund.

11. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, tickets are transferable. You would need to inform us in an email (watsapp/SMS/calls wouldn’t do) of such transfers tohello@rootsvida.com.Since we are tracking each festival ticket, unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of festival ticket will lead to confiscation or cancellation of that ticket without any refund or other compensation. In worse situation, we might take a legal action against the party(ies).

Venue-Related queries:

12. How far is the parking space from campsite?

The parking site is conveniently located at a walking distance from the campsite.

13. What are the check-in/check-out timings?

The check in time is 12 noon on 30th December 2017. The check-out time is 11am on 1st January 2018. Significant delays in checking out will lead to half day charges for the tent given.

14. I want to check out later than the scheduled time. Can I do that?

If you check out after 12pm and before 4pm, you will incur half day charges. If you check out after 4pm, full day charges will be applicable for the entire tent.

15. What are sanitation facilities at the campsite?

We will have separate bathrooms for men and women set up at numerous points. There will also be wash basins and changing rooms set up. All these facilities will be serviced regularly.

16. What are bathing facilities at the campsite?

There will be numerous shower stalls set up at the campsite. These will be serviced regularly.

17. What are food facilities available at the campsite?

We will have different food stalls set up at the festival.

18.Does this package include meals ?

Yes, 6meals per person are inclusive in pacakage

19. Will there be ATMs at the campsite/near to the campsite?

No, you will need to be cash equipped for the festival. Last ATM you’ll find in Chakrata city, which is 30kms away from the campsite. Since we would also have limited cash, we would strongly suggest you to keep cash, including comfortable change, for the festival.

20. Will we have charging points in our tents?

Since campsite is not in a regular camp area, we will have charging stations at food area, not in individual tents. We also encourage you to keep portable chargers and use your phone wisely. :)

21. Is there a secure zone for our valuables/money/etc.?

A. No, there will be no lockers for you to deposit your valuables.

22. What first aid facilities do you have?

Yes, there will be First aid rooms at Underground.

23. Would there be a medical shop nearby?

No. While we have the basic meds, We will strongly recommend you to carry your Medical items,with a valid medical prescription. Please inform us in case you have any specific medical condition so that we are aware of it in case of any emergency.

24. What if we need extra blankets/pillows/etc.?

Extra blankets/pillows etc. will be available for purchase/ rent at Underground.

25. Will there be shops selling daily necessities like soap, toothpastes, etc.?

No, there will be no shops selling these items near the campsite.

26. Will there be a lot of insects/bugs at the campsite?

While we will be taking every precaution to minimize the number of the same, camping in the midst of nature does involve some exposure to them. Please carry Insect and mosquito repellent sprays and ointments like Odomos on your own.

27. Is the campsite safe?

Yes, the entire campsite will be barricaded and secured. We will have security patrolling the area. Adequate security will be provided within the campsite as well.

Food & Beverages-Related queries:

28. Are meals included in this 2 day festival ticket?

No.Your ticket only allows you to attend the festival. You can separately buy the Meal pass at the venue.

29. Can I get my own food at the campsite?

yes you can get you own food or beverages.

30. Can I carry alcohol at the festival?

No, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. We will be selling alcohol at reasonable rates. You may be denied entry if you are carrying alcohol or are clearly under the heavy influence of alcohol during entry.

31. Do we have an age limit for drinking at the festival?

Yes, we go by the law. The age limit for drinking is – 21 years & above, for beer & wine, and 25 years & above for hard liquor. Age proof will be required and it is mandatory to provide the same whenever requested.

32. Can I pre-purchase beverage coupons?

No, beverage couponsare not available for pre-purchase. You can buy them at the festival.

Transport Related Queries

33. Is there a bus or something to take us from Dehradun?

We may offer Shuttle Services. For updates on the timings, please keep tuned into our Underground Website & ROOTS official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/travelwithroots) or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/rootsvida).

34. Is there any Public transport ?

You can get the public transport or shared cabs from Dehradoon or vikas nagar .

Other Queries

36. Any other terms and conditions that I must be aware of with respect to the event in general?

By attending Underground, you (as an attendee) fully understand his/her responsibility towards fellow attendees and agrees to abide by the Indian Penal Code. An Underground ticketholder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability. In case of any issues/complaints made by fellow attendees or management team or any unlawful activity, we will take necessary legal action against the person(s). Safety of our attendees is of our prime important and we, in no condition, would want to compromise it.

37. I have additional questions which are not listed here, whom can I contact?

For any further information or queries, please write to us at hello@rootsvida.com.

While you are at festival

  • You are in the lap of nature, enjoy the greenery, the woods and leave the nature as it is. Please do not litter and while you are there, encourage people to do so.
  • Most of us would be at the festival for a good time. Please respect other’s personal space. More than anything, we are working towards the experience of our attendees.
  • Please do not engage yourself in any unlawful activity. In case anything like that happens, we will be forced to take a legal action and you will be asked to leave the festival and campsite with immediate effect.

Travel more, live more.

T & C Terms & conditions for the event

Please read through our terms & conditions listed down below:

  • Tickets once booked cannot be refunded however can be transferred to other name.
  • The management owns a complete right to expel a participant from the event on the grounds of misbehaviour etc.
  • All participants shall behave decent during the festival and respect others.
  • The company or the management holds no responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances like weather due to which the event gets cancelled or delayed etc.
  • By signing up for the event it is taken granted that you are coming to event on your own will and takes your complete responsibility. Company is not responsible any misfortune during the event like theft etc.
  • Any person caught vandalising or destroying any property shall be charged.
  • The place is subject to be cold hence; the participants should get enough clothes to keep them warm. In addition, should get a blanket for the extreme case.
  • All artist declared to be performing are not a mandatory performing and may change in some cases dude to unforeseen life situations.

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